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The First 100 Days of a Condie Mayoral Term

It's important to have goals

A 100 day plan is an opportunity for a new leader to clearly lay out their agenda, and for people who will be working with them to get a sense of their priorities and what they'll be like to work with.

You might have seen some of the highlights of mine in the Dominion Post today. Here's the full version!

The goal of my first 100 days as mayor is to lay the groundwork to achieve a vision of Wellington as a collection of compact, vibrant neighbourhoods, with frequent transit connections between them. Working with councillors and council staff, I will create a clear plan to achieve this, while supporting development of a transparent culture that is agile, allows for healthy conflict and learning from mistakes. This will include recruiting a new CE who will support this vision and culture throughout council.

My immediate priority is to establish a group of advisors experienced in governance, risk management, and council processes, so that I’m able to hit the ground running.

Areas of focus

Climate Action

  • Begin to reduce emissions by improving public transport and our urban design (so important, they get their own sections below)

  • Ensure WCC has the resources to fasttrack business cases that came out of Te Atakura First to Zero, the council’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050

  • Establish an expert panel to make recommendations on WCC’s response to sea level rise

  • Establish a waste reduction taskforce, to focus on sewage treatment options, green waste collection, and options for greater local plastic recycling


  • Promote working together across all organisations and groups, including mana whenua, residents’ associations, central government, and other councils in the region

  • Enable WCC to work transparently, sharing information internally, across organisations, and with the public


  • Commission business cases for LGWM – mass transit, Basin Reserve improvements, second Mt Victoria tunnel. It is essential that we get the terms of reference right, ie the goal of mass transit should be mode switch and emission reduction, paid for by land value uplift

  • Process and timeline for citizens’ assembly on mass transit under way

  • Front a series of community meetings on the WCC parking review. Progress on bus lanes and cycle ways relies on getting communities on board with some reduction in on-street parking


  • Identify areas for increased housing density, based on proximity to public transport, other amenities, a review of three-waters infrastructure, and hazard maps

  • Work under way to ensure increased density is done well – developing design guides, establishing an urban design panel, green space requirements, heritage guidelines

  • Establish Urban Development Agency. Begin selecting apartment projects in consultation with developers and central government


  • Review the risk management of all major WCC capital projects, with a particular focus on the Town Hall and Convention Centre

  • Prepare to put WCC’s stake in Wellington airport on the market

  • Begin improving the WCC budget process – strengthen Treasury-style analysis of budget proposals, increase transparency, and begin the process for a People’s Budget

  • Investigate ways to implement the recommendations of the Productivity Commission’s report on local government funding

Three Year Goals

These were framed as commitments for what I would have achieved by the end of my first term. I have a much longer list of things I want to achieve, but I'm cautious of over-promising and under-delivering. Sometimes things are more complicated than we'd like.

  • Library strengthening underway or plans made to alter convention centre construction to become new central library

  • Detailed plan for a pathway to net zero. Carbon budgets established and projects underway to achieve neutrality by 2050

  • Greater public engagement due to People’s Budget, citizens’ assembly, and frequent community meetings

  • Mass transit project is consented, funded, and shovel ready

  • First Urban Development Agency apartment complex is shovel ready

There are a few things I wanted to explain a bit further. Bullet points are great, but sometimes you need more information.

Central Library

I haven't committed to having a new or strengthened central city library opened by the end of three years. Obviously I want it open as soon as possible, preferably within that first term, I'm just naturally conservative about how long major capital projects take to complete.

Pathway to Net Zero

Currently Te Atakura First to Zero is a pledge to be carbon neutral by 2050 and a collection of ideas about what that might require. By the end of my first term Wellington will have a detailed plan for where emissions will be reduced, by how much, and the specific actions needed to achieve this.

Johnsonville Mall

By the end of my first term, either Stride will have construction well underway or the Urban Development Authority will have purchased the land in order to build mixed-use retail and residential, similar to the sketches I released. If it becomes a UDA project it will be designed, funded, and consented by the end of my term.

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