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Vote 1 Condie for Takapū Northern Ward


Healthy Communities

are vibrant, prosperous, and connected

The choices we make now will determine whether we are on the front foot to tackle the challenges of the future. We need massive investments in infrastructure over the next decade as we catch up after years of neglect.  Action now can give the next generation a fair chance to thrive. 

Council planning and infrastructure are the foundation that our communities are built on
We should concentrate growth in the lowest hazard areas

Futureproof Wellington

so we can deal effectively with the challenges we face

Even if we slash our emissions now, sea level in Wellington could rise a metre by 2100 putting parts of our CBD below sea level. That used to feel like science fiction to me - now it is the year my kids will turn 88 and 85. We’ve always known Wellington is earthquake prone. In the wake of Kaikoura and Christchurch, it is clear that some parts of Wellington are at higher risk than others. Insurance could become unaffordable unless we stop developing in areas at highest risk of storm surge, flooding, and earthquake damage.

Fast Growing Northern Suburbs

need to grow up, not out

In the past 15 years the northern suburbs have grown by a third, becoming home to twelve thousand more people. Growth is expected to increase by 50% or more in the coming thirty years, bringing as many as thirty thousand new residents. We need that development to strengthen our communities - that means more medium density housing, low carbon transport, and mixed use spaces so that jobs and amenities are near home.

Sprawl isolates us from our neighbours and traps us in our cars
I'm standing for city council to make a better future for my kids

Dr Jenny Condie

a Johnsonville kid and a Tawa mum

I grew up in Johnsonville, a curly haired kid with a Canadian accent. Now I'm a Tawa mum of two young boys.


I have a PhD in accounting and entrepreneurship. I worked at The Treasury and taught at Victoria and Massey. I'm a member of the Institute of Directors and a certified Resource Management Act commissioner.


Connecting with our Communities

to hear about your priorities

Local government is about supporting our communities to succeed. If we are all willing to work together and make sacrifices for our kids, we can create a future to be proud of.

How can I help you to build the future you want for all our kids?
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